Lesson Concerns:

I am a complete beginner, can this site help me?
Yes. The site starts from scratch with learning your strings and how to hold a pick and moves quickly to playing songs and soloing like a pro :)

I have played for years, will I find this site helpful?
I have made lessons on the site for every level including lessons I put up to help myself with things I am currently working on. If you feel the site does not have enough information for you, I will gladly refund your money and no questions asked.

With so many free lessons online, why would I pay for lessons?
It is true there are plenty of free guitar lessons online and some are very good, however if you really want to move forward you need a method. Some kind of direction to help you really move forward and feel great about your playing. The members section is a complete online method designed to take you step by step to reach your guitar goals.

Are there any tabs on the site?
No, there are no tabs. When I play the 5th fret of my D string I want to know that is a G. Not just the 5th fret of my D string, or 4th string if I don't know my string names. Or 3rd string if I have learned my strings upside down :)

Mailing List Concerns

I joined the mailing list but have not got anything?
Sometimes I can be a couple months between newsletters but you may want to join again in case of spelling error.

Audio Concerns

Why does the site use cheesy midi files?
The midi files were used because they were fast but they are slowly being changed over to mp3's. Sorry.

Billing Concerns

Do I need to have a PayPal account?
No. You will go through the PayPal page but you can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or E-Check.

Money Back Guarantee

What if I pay and I don't like it?
If for any reason you do not feel the site is worth what you paid, you will get a complete refund with no questions asked.

Become a Member

The members section of the site is an online guitar method I have developed from 20 years teaching experience. Try a lesson in the free section to decide whether the site is right for you!