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Learn Songs. Have Fun. Be Amazing.

Learning songs is not the only part of learning to play guitar but it is certainly a fun one :) However, knowing what song to play next, at your current level, is not always easy!

Hi, my name is Teague and welcome to my site! I started Musiclearning.Com in 1999 and I know from 20 plus years of teaching experience that students learn better, progress faster, and have much more fun when songs are at the core of the method.

However that being said, this site is much more then just learning songs. It is a complete step by step guitar method designed to give you all the skills needed to play anything. You will learn the secret to strumming and understanding rhythm, learn your fretboard, build and play any chord, ear training, technique, improvising and soloing like a pro!

So if you are tired of wasting time trying to figure out what song to learn next or what to practice to see your playing progress the way you want...... Become a member for a guitar method guaranteed to make you a great player and fast!